Structural Pine


This product is most commonly used for exposed external structural members, most typically pergola and deck construction. The pine is treated to H3 and H4 in accordance with Australian standard AS1604.

The timber is stress graded to F7, to conform with Australian standard AS2858. All F7 treated pine is kiln dried to ensure product stability.

Structurally graded F7 treated pine is manufactured with a rougher headed finish to maintain correct sizing and achieve a distinctive profile, which assists in disguising minor aesthetic blemishes.

Also available H2 / H3 / H4 treated framing

Treated pine is a Durability Class One product and as such will not rot or be attacked by termites. However it is highly recommended that all external timbers should be painted or stained to maintain a quality appearance.

If a superior finish to F7 treated rougher headed is required, select Pre Primed H3 LOSP.


Untreated pine should only be used for internal construction without any exposure to weather, or possible attack by termites. F7 untreated beams are typically used in joist, beam and rafter situations.

MGP(machine graded pine) 10, 12 and 15 graded timber has replaced the earlier F5, F8 and F11 framing grades. F7 wide beams are available in a rougher headed finish, while most MGP 10, 12 and 15 graded timber is supplied in a dressed finish.