Adding to our already comprehensive range of I-Joist products, the new 70mm SmartJoist provides end users with a perfect solution for those projects that fall between the 51mm and 90mm, traditional, I-Joist applications.

The strength is in the engineering:- Strong. Stiff. Reliable. SmartJoists are engineered for heavy performance. Starting with ultrasonically graded LVL, bonded with exterior adhesive for more load carrying capacity.  The webs are made from stable, strong Oriented Strand Board (OSB) for superior strength and consistent performance. SmartJoists are more uniform than solid sawn joists. They stay straighter and are manufactured with no camber, so there is no chance of crown down or upside down installation. They resist shrinking, twisting, warping and splitting for squeak resistant floors and quality roofs and ceilings. Holes may be easily cut in the web adhering to specifications, allowing ducts and utilities to be run through the joists. Pre-punched 40 mm knockout holes are provided in the web for small diameter services or wiring.

Save Time and Money:- Because they weigh less than solid sawn joists, SmartJoists are easier to install, saving construction time and cost. Their greater load carrying capacity allows you to space them further apart, so it takes fewer to build the average floor or roof. And with five (5) depths from 200 to 400 mm, you will never have to compromise your design. So whether your plans call for cantilever beams in balconies, cathedral roofs or high pitched roof slopes, SmartJoists are the perfect choice.

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