LOSP Primed Pine



Primed H3 LOSP finger jointed pine is manufactured from short clear (no knots) lengths of pine which are then joined in a finger joint machine to create long lengths. The timber is then dressed, LOSP (light organic solvent preservative) treated and primed.

Recommended Painting Specification for LOSP Treated Primed Dressed Pine:

Because LOSP treated timber is not itself weatherproof, it will deteriorate if left without a complete paint coating. For this reason, particular care must be taken with the surface preparation of timber that has been exposed to the elements for 30 days or more.

To paint LOSP (light organic solvent preservative) treated primed dressed pine, follow these steps:

1. Test the adhesion of the primer to the timber. Cut a small ‘x’ through the existing coating with a sharp blade. Press cellulose tape firmly across the cut and then rip off the tape. If any of the existing coating comes off it is unsound and must be removed by sanding.

2. Fill nail holes with an exterior grade wood filler.

3. Sand back until surface is completely free from all dirt and degraded material, and dust off.

4. Prime all surfaces, including cut ends and joints, with a good solvent-based primer. Water based primers are less effective in this application.

5. Allow a minimum of 24 hours to dry, then sand to an even finish if necessary.

6. Apply two full coats of premium brand 100% acrylic exterior topcoat to the manufacturers recommendation<