17C Beams



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Hynebeam 17C is the strongest softwood glue laminated beam available, and suited to a variety of structural applications, particularly in high load, long span applications where performance is critical.  Hyne Beam 17C is ideal for lintels over large window and door openings, garage beams and roof beams when timber is the preferred building product. HyneBeam 17C is readily available in a range of commonly used sizes and lengths with special beams available to order, providing the service that builders and contractors expect. Builders also appreciate the ease of use as Hyne Beam 17C is much lighter and easier to install than steel.  The versatility and adaptability of HYNEBEAM 17C offers a broad spectrum of applications in domestic, commercial and industrial projects.  As well as being suitable for use as lintels, rafter, roof beams, bearers, portal rafters and columns, HYNE BEAM 17C can be H2 treated for termite resistance or H3 treated for above ground weather exposed applications. HYNE BEAM 17C can be curved to suit your design creativity.


65mm x depths in mm 130, 165, 195, 230, 260, 295, 330, 360

85mm x depths in mm 130, 165, 195, 230, 260, 295, 330, 360

Other sizes up to 425 x 65, up to 590 x 85 and from 130 to 590 x 135 are available made to order.

Custom sizes are also available for commercial work.


Available in lengths from 3.0 to 15.6 in 0.3 increments


Available in either untreated, LOSP H2 or H3 treated

GRADE (AS 1328.1-1998)

Structural grade complies with Appearance Grade C
Select grade complies with Appearance Grade A

Hyne Beam 17 is produced from renewable resources protecting our environment for future generations.