• Partical Board

  • Plywood        

  • Termi Floor

  • Tongue and Grooved




  • Blackbutt

  • Blue Gum  

  • Cypress

  • Grey Ironbark

  • Mixed Reds

  • Southern Beech

  • Spotted Gum

Blackbutt     Beech     Spotted Gun

                       Blackbutt                                                                  Beech                                                       Spotted Gum

Timber Grading

It is important to understand the timber grading rules when selecting the grade of flooring you are considering.  The different grades of timber significantly influence the appearance, with some grades including more of the character of the trees history with larger gum veins, knots and other features present. In other grades the cleaner natural lines and figure of the timber will dominant with fewer and smaller features present.  It is important to realise that grading rules do not cover either colour or colour variation.

Please refer to the Permissible Feature Guidelines to ensure the grade you select meets your requirements.